The CABLOXX locking system from Blum Australia is designed to secure items stored in drawers and pull-outs against unauthorised access.

A system-independent solution for high quality furniture, CABLOXX is compatible with Blum’s LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX box systems and runner systems, as well as Blum’s motion technologies BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON BLUMOTION. CABLOXX provides a secure solution for a wide range of concepts, offering greater design freedom for lockable furniture.

Lockable furniture is used for a wide range of applications, securing diverse items such as confidential documents and personal valuables or even keeping cleaning products and medicines out of reach of children.

A wide range of cabinet widths, heights and pull-out heights can be achieved, with CABLOXX offering an additional layer of security and freedom to personalise premium furniture throughout the home, office, shop or bathrooms and laundries.

Extending the design options for lockable furniture, CABLOXX can be colour coordinated with the respective box system, with the locking bracket available in three colour variants – Terra Black, Orion Grey and Silk White. CABLOXX’s compatibility with Blum’s motion technologies such as BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON BLUMOTION ensures opening ease and silent and effortless closing of the furniture. Blum’s motion technologies extend the possibilities for handle-less furniture design by integrating the locking feature.

Featuring built-in tip protection alongside its secure closing function, CABLOXX guarantees greater scope for planning and safety when using freestanding furniture. The pull-out lock allows only one pull-out to be opened at a time, making it possible to introduce freestanding furniture design in a variety of areas.

Key features of Blum’s CABLOXX locking system include ability to be used in combination with standard assembly dimensions for Blum box and runner systems; coherent design and flexibility with the cut-to-size locking bar rebated into the cabinet side and easily adapted to different furniture applications; no impact on the assembly of the box or runner system with height, side, tilt and depth fully adjustable and easy to use; and compatibility with all standard locking cylinders/barrels.

To support the manufacturing process, templates are available to assist with the assembly and installation of Blum’s CABLOXX locking system.

CABLOXX is available from August 2017.