Blum Australia 's DYNAMIC SPACE Test-Drive Kitchen is available to try at the new Blum showroom in Cowandilla, South Australia. The new Test-Drive Kitchen features a selection of movable, life-sized cabinets that represent the five zones in a kitchen, enabling customers to ensure functionality is addressed during the planning process of their kitchen.

The Blum Test-Drive Kitchen works in conjunction with the message of Blum’s DYNAMIC SPACE concept. DYNAMIC SPCE is Blum’s new kitchen standard that addresses the significance of functionality and ergonomics in kitchen planning. Test-Drive Kitchen cabinets come in various types, in various widths, and include the popular Blum Space Corner Unit, Sink Pull-out and Pantry unit. The DYNAMIC SPACE message is intrinsic across the Test-Drive Kitchen range, with each cabinet fitted with internal hardware providing perfect motion. To emphasise the true-to-life form, each cabinet is filled with actual storage items found in a real kitchen. All features allow clients to test hypothetical situations in a realistic environment.

The first true-to-life test-drive kitchen to be seen in Australia is now available for complimentary use, by appointment only, to all designers and architects, specifying Blum, who are currently working on projects they would like to test-drive.