More than two hundred kitchen industry professionals recently travelled from all over Australia to discover Blum Australia ’s revolutionary products with special guests at the Design in Motion weekend. The Design in Motion weekend was recently held in Sydney from 20th to 22nd August 2010.

Design in Motion commenced with the official launch of TANDEMBOX intivo, SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS and CLIP top BLUMOTION at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Michael Mandlburger, Blum International Product Manager and Christian Schwerzler, Blum Sales Manager responsible for Australia and New Zealand, presented Think Design. Think Motion. Think Blum. They spoke of the increasing significance of design, the need and increasing consumer demand for aesthetically pleasing kitchens as well as kitchen functionality.

David Noakes, Blum National Sales and Marketing Manager explained, “The release of TANDEMBOX intivo, SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS and CLIP top BLUMOTION is the largest product release for Blum Australia.”

“These products are very important to our portfolio and we felt it was vital to give these products a big introduction to our Market”.

On the second day, Blum provided a tour of their brand new high bay automated warehouse, one of only a few in Australia and inspirational new showroom complete with all the latest products at Len Waters Estate. A range of workshops on a variety of topics were offered including DYNAMIC SPACE, new products, product assembly and marketing material. Staff from Blum Australia presented new and existing services and information which customers could potentially use in their businesses.

Dale Healy, Owner of H & H Cabinets commented, “The workshops on Saturday were great; a lot to take in. I was amazed at how well everything was set up, how smoothly it ran, always on time and we knew where we had to be. It was great to look in the history cabinet and see how the hinges, drawers and company have progressed. It makes you wonder what’s next.”

David reflects, “Without question this weekend has been a huge success. We were very humbled by the customers who were able to make the commitment and give up their weekend to join us for Design in Motion. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result”.

Information on the range of kitchen hardware and kitchen fittings on offer is available directly from Blum Australia.