Blum Australia  offers innovative lift systems and hinges that can be used with kitchen cabinets and furniture. With its new BLUMOTION technique, Blum Australia has products that provide unhindered access to wall cabinets and are easy to install and use. These lift systems are highly durable and come in various models that suit different types of kitchen cabinets.

AVENTOS is the model series covering the various lift systems manufactured by Blum Australia. AVENTOS HF is a bi fold lift system that can be used for large kitchen fronts. This model enables the wall cabinet to be folded in half while lifting it up and also does not hinder the user’s action. AVENTOS HS is the up and over model used with cabinets that have enough space above them or have a crown or cornice moulding.

AVENTOS HL model enables the user to lift up the front of the cabinet while keeping it parallel to the other fronts and facilitates ease of storage and retrieval. AVENTOS HK is ideal for cabinets located over refrigerators that are used for rarely used utensils and are wide and low walled.

The lift systems offered by Blum Australia enable a soft and silent opening and closing action while also giving an elegant and modern look to the customer’s kitchen.