BlueScope is pleased to provide a range of resources to support specifiers to learn more about the benefits of cool roofing and to help address environmental issues such as urban heat islands.

We invite you explore our cool roofing resources here on STEEL SELECT® in our COLORBOND® steel Cool Roofing resource centre.

Here’s what you will find:

  • COLORBOND® steel cool roofing colours (including Solar Absorptance values)
  • COLORBOND® steel cool roofing brochure
  • Compass 2022 video – Energy Efficiency and Roofing
  • Browse cool roofing projects

Read our articles including:

  • What is a cool roof? Cool roofing explained
  • The benefits of cool roofing
  • Solar absorptance of COLORBOND® steel for NCC and BASIX
  • Urban Heat Islands and COLORBOND® steel roofing
  • Understanding solar classifications
  • Cool roofing colours – innovative BlueScope technology
  • Achieving sustainable outcomes with steel

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