The new self-sealing 'Activate' steel coating technology from BlueScope Steel , which will be incorporated in the next generation of Zincalume steel,
has been explained in an online video.

A detailed explanation at shows how the addition of magnesium to the aluminium, zinc and silicon coating - combined with new manufacturing processes and technologies - gives next generation Zincalume steel a unique protection barrier.

Activate technology self-seals exposed surfaces to make the product more resilient when drilled, cut or scratched during construction.

The innovative steel coating better protects the base metal layer, ensuring next generation Zincalume steel has greater resistance to corrosion and weathering, and is more durable in a wider range of environments.

BlueScope Steel market manager - commercial and industrial Manu Siitonen said, "Next generation Zincalume steel will provide multiple benefits for architects, builders, project managers and end-users, and the website video will assist them in understanding how those benefits are derived."

BlueScope Steel has invested more than $100 million to develop the manufacturing technology for its next-generation steel coating.

Details of product distribution, availability and performance against relevant Australian Standards as referenced by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) are also provided on the website.

Manufactured under a range of Australian and international patents, next generation Zincalume will be available nationally from August 2013.