A new innovative paint technology developed by Bluescope has significantly enhanced the brilliance of COLORBOND Metallic steel. BlueScope has introduced a new paint type and production method that strategically places particles in the paint system to optimise light penetration and colour reflectivity to increase brilliance, boosting the signature lustre effect of COLORBOND Metallic steel.

Six new colours have been introduced in the new COLORBOND Metallic steel range including a pearl white, three variants of grey ranging from light to dark, a rich bronze and a deep black.

BlueScope product development portfolio leader Andrew Collins said improved production and service methods have allowed for more flexible delivery of products bearing the new Metallic colours.

According to Mr Collins, BlueScope has reduced the minimum order quantities allowing for more design and specification flexibility for smaller projects such as residential housing, and where the product is used as an aesthetic feature of larger-scale commercial buildings. Lead times have also been reduced for customers, ensuring products made from COLORBOND Metallic steel can be delivered to their sites more expediently than before.

BlueScope has included its Corstrip protective film for new COLORBOND Metallic steel, while maintaining the same headline price point listed for the outgoing range. The Corstrip protective film helps to reduce potential for scratches and damage during installation, maintaining the product's lustrous metallic effect.

BlueScope marketing manager - Coated and Industrial Products, Gregory Moffitt expects the enhanced metallic lustre of new COLORBOND Metallic steel colours to greatly appeal to new and retrofitted commercial and industrial market segments. He explains that the lustre delivers a very refined finish traditionally seen only on architectural panel systems. Building professionals can deliver a premium finish to meet their clients’ expectations at an economical price using a custom solution from BlueScope’s customer network and their affiliated steel fabricators.

The new COLORBOND Metallic steel colours offer an attractive value proposition to architects, designers and builders engaged in commercial projects featuring exterior and interior walling, as well as industrial projects such as the growing warehouse and distribution centre segment. The highly versatile COLORBOND Metallic steel is well suited to everything from institutional projects such as public/private hospitals through to mixed use retail and residential applications.

The new COLORBOND Metallic steel also benefits from BlueScope's Activate technology to provide improved durability.

In addition to existing warranties available for COLORBOND Metallic steel, BlueScope will introduce a new warranty for residential walling applications for new COLORBOND Metallic steel.