Bildspec has recently installed two acoustic operable walls at Endeavour Energy’s Kings Park Head Office.

Endeavour Energy is responsible for building, maintaining and operating an electricity network that connects 2.7 million people to traditional and renewable energy sources in homes and businesses across NSW.

The installation featured a Konnect double glazed operable wall and a Series 100R Solid operable wall (finished in full height Genre Poetry with inset vitreous enamel whiteboards).  

Bildspec operable wall

Both walls feature moveable acoustic wall panels that carry an Rw45 acoustic sound rating. Bildspec’s product was selected by builder FDC to enable their client to easily divide a flexible space, used mainly for training and meeting room purposes, into multiple spaces whilst preserving the acoustic integrity of each space.

Operable walls assist in the creation of larger or smaller spaces for collaborative working environments. Operable walls allow larger spaces to be transformed into flexible environments that suit the working style of employees or the intended purpose and function of the relevant space. Dividing panels can open up and connect various spaces, helping staff feel they are part of an inclusive and supportive team, or alternatively close to provide private workspaces when needed.