Bildspec recently installed a series of remote and side stacking operable walls over 7 levels at the George St, Sydney CBD head office of TAL, one of Australia’s leading life insurance companies.

Bildspec’s 100R movable acoustic walls were installed between meeting rooms as well as in TAL’s many collaboration hubs throughout the building. Collaboration hubs include meeting spaces, telephone spaces, quiet spaces and lounge spaces. Each meeting or collaborative space can be made bigger or smaller according to TAL’s requirements as needed.

Operable Walls

TAL collaborated with designer Generate Interiors to achieve both the desired layout and acoustic and budgetary requirements. The installations were carried out on behalf of a number of reputable building companies including Built Complete and Framecorp.

Operable walls are movable acoustic walls, which assist in the creation of larger or smaller spaces for collaborative working environments. Operable walls allow larger spaces to be transformed into flexible environments that suit the working style of employees or the intended purpose and function of the relevant space. Dividing panels open up and connect various spaces, helping staff feel they are part of an inclusive and supportive team. The panels can also be closed to provide private workspaces when needed.