Bildspec introduces Moove, a new range of acoustic sliders designed, tested, and manufactured with the end user in mind. These sliding glass partitions will maximise your space and functionality and also provide solid acoustic capabilities.

Available in a variety of panel infill materials to complement your space, Moove acoustic glass partitions are typically suited to areas that need to be divided with a physical but not a visual barrier while also ensuring medium sound control. These acoustic glass sliders are well-suited for schools, offices, hospitals and more.

Moove incorporates one of the smallest frames on the Australian market to maximise light and the aesthetics of a glass system in its environment. It is the only acoustic sliding door on the Australian market to incorporate different dampening pressures on the braking system to suit the weight of the slider door. This means you can operate lighter sliders more easily but still have the safety of a strong braking system for heavier configurations.

Moove sliding glass partitions

These sliding partition glass doors offer effortless movement without any floor tracks. The slider includes a special track and trolley system uniquely designed for this product, which translates into a system that is not only quiet, but also glides effortlessly across the opening.

Moove has undergone rigorous acoustic testing at the new, large format facility at UTS in Sydney, where it achieved certified results of Rw30, Rw33, and Rw34 acoustic performance – enough to meet most acoustic specifications.

The Moove system builds on the success of Bildspec’s 55+ years’ experience in the folding/sliding door industry, and similar to all other products from the company, is Australian designed and manufactured. Almost unlimited variations in track and panel configuration and finish options, together with Bildspec’s manufacturing flexibility, allow you to have the system that is just right for your project.