Bildspec Operable Walls recently performed testing on its suite of double glazed operable walls to determine the acoustic rating that could be achieved from its frames, seals, glass types/interlayer densities, and overall construction methods.

This testing – in accordance with AS1191 – was carried out in May 2021 at CSIRO’s acoustic testing facilities in Clayton, Victoria.

Using the combined knowledge of their experienced staff, Bildspec has been able to achieve some very strong results in the CSIRO tests.

Testing in accordance with AS1191 requires the test wall to be opened and closed 10 times without intervention to the seals or components before the test. This stringent form of testing means the wall will perform better in the real world, compared to competitor brands. Through many tests and trials, Bildspec is now able to provide walls that are rated to 42Rw, 45Rw, 47Rw and 48Rw, in accordance to AS1191, all from their 100 series walls.

Bildspec has developed lighter panels with higher ratings that allow them to perform in the real world; these are not only lighter and easier to move, but also highly competitive in the marketplace.