Robert Townson High School has installed a Bildspec Series 100 Rw45 acoustic-rated operable wall between two classrooms at their Raby, NSW campus.

The operable partition features retractable floor seals and a full height pass door for easy access. Panels were faced with selected Simba colour Autex Quiet Space Pinboard, with vitreous enamel whiteboards.

The function of an operable wall is mainly to turn a single, larger space into multiple smaller, acoustic-controlled spaces with minimal effort. These operable partitions can divide a school classroom or assembly hall into different multipurpose areas for smaller learning spaces or various simultaneous activities as needed. When they are not needed, the operable partitions are moved or concealed away.

Bildspec’s aluminium-framed operable wall systems are great for dividing large rooms into multifunctioning areas. With several model options, these are popular in schools, conference rooms, offices, entertainment venues and medical areas.

Over 50 years ago, we began working with schools and offices to create new applications for existing spaces using operable walls, which revolutionised the way spaces in Australia functioned. Over time, our company grew and evolved. We adapted technology to transform the operable wall industry. Today, we are the undisputed industry leader for the operable wall sector.

The Series 100 is suited for applications that require exceptional durability, acoustic control, and frequent use.