Selecting the right tile for small spaces in and around the home can be a challenging process. Beaumont Tiles offers a few tips and suggestions for styling your small spaces with the right tile selection.

Not every room in a typical home or apartment is big; for instance, rooms such as the second bathroom, laundry, kitchenette, or even the courtyard/ terrace can be compact spaces; styling these spaces is often the hardest due to their small dimensions.

This problem is particularly applicable to modern accommodation units; the Housing Industry Australia reported an increase of 11 percent in compact units being built in Australia in the past year.

Choosing the right tile for smaller spaces needs particular attention because the aim is to maximise the design and give the illusion of more space. Key considerations, apart from the size of the tile, include the colour, the way the tile is laid, and the type of grout used.

One of the competitions on the popular television show ‘The Block’ required contestants to make the most of their terraces in the Melbourne apartment block.

Based on the design outcomes of The Block contestants, Beaumont Tiles has compiled a list of three important tips that can help homeowners make the right decisions when tiling small spaces.

1. Establish a flow.

Two of the teams were commended for using tiles on their terrace to complement the flooring in the dining room, which helped create a seamless flow between the two spaces. This clever use of flooring blurs the line where one space ends and the other begins, creating a more spacious feel to a room.

2. Choose one colour.

Avoid using more than one colour on tiles in small spaces. Using just one colour tone will make the space appear larger and choosing a similar colour grout will heighten the look. Two of the contestants, Whitney and Andy chose a similar coloured tile to two of the other teams, but used a darker grout to hide the tile lines, making the floor space appear less crowded and confined.

3. Add a subtle pattern.

Though The Block contestants, Shay and Dean applied the one-colour rule, they avoided the dull block appearance by introducing a herringbone tile pattern to add subtle detail without crowding it or creating a distraction. Subtle patterns really amp up the feeling of luxury.