Bathe  is a leading bathroom fittings and furniture suppliers in Australia that supplies exclusive branded products from all over the world. Bathroom cabinets and modules are the furniture range offered by Bathe. The cabinets come as single and double cabinets. The single cabinets are further offered with left hand and right hand door options. All cabinets are embedded with internal lighting, aluminium shaving sub cabinets, plugs and tissue slots in the bottom in standard dimensions.

Modular units in aluminium and glass finishes and different sizes are offered by Bathe. The modules come with toilet roll boxes and toilet brush boxes. Accessory boxes can also be added according to user requirements.

Toilet accessories from Bathe encompass mirrors, lights, towel racks, towel hooks and integrated units. Wall hung brush sets with metallic finishes and covered and uncovered toilet roll holders are also available. Soap dishes, soap dispensers, crystal glasses with holders and crystal plate shelves are some other bath accessory fittings available from Bathe.

Cosmetic mirrors in standard round shapes and varied mountable options and tubular lights are also offered by Bathe. Comfort level overflows, multifillers, bath pillow, tiled access panels and clip sets are also available from Bathe.