Leading architectural finishes and furniture company, Baresque Wall Coverings and Fabrics has partnered with IdeaPaint to launch the revolutionary IdeaPaint CLEAR in Australia. Baresque has been appointed as exclusive distributors of the product in the country.

IdeaPaint CLEAR is a transparent paint that can be applied over any surface of any colour to convert it into a writing surface or ‘whiteboard’. One of the most flexible and durable whiteboard solutions in the market, IdeaPaint CLEAR can be applied to virtually any smooth surface – printed, coloured or plain.

The application and installation process is seamless as only one coat roller needs to be applied to surfaces, saving on installation costs. The virtually odourless paint can be applied in a working office environment.

JJ Blaiklock, managing director, Baresque explains that IdeaPaint CLEAR gives businesses a great way to stay organised and encourage creativity. It is ideal for creative forward thinking, collaborative work environments and workflow mapping across a range of industries.

He adds that IdeaPaint CLEAR is a simple solution that works within the existing design parameters by maintaining the aesthetics of each unique space.

Key features of IdeaPaint CLEAR transparent paint:

  • Can be applied over virtually any smooth surface and existing colour
  • Virtually odourless
  • No off-gassing once installed
  • Easy, single-coat application
  • Spray application option (by professional installers only)
  • GreenGuard Children & School Certified
  • No costly removal; can be painted over
  • Exceeds LEED rating system
  • 10-year warranty
  • Can be cleaned up after use every time using a cloth and water or whiteboard cleaner