Baines Masonry Blocks presents wall blocks in Honed and Polished finishes in a choice of attractive colours and thicknesses.

Building designers seeking distinctive, highly finished walls can select Baines Masonry’s Honed and Polished wall blocks that are made to order in 90mm, 140mm and 190mm thicknesses.

The Honed wall block system has the face ground off to expose the aggregates for a subtle matt-like finish. Aggregates can be chosen with the product’s matrix colour.

The Polished wall block system has the face honed off and polished with finer polishing heads. Polished blocks are often used to great effect to highlight details or for special entrance and feature walls.

The Honed and Polished wall block systems are available in six colours to suit a range of different designs. The colours include Appin Stone, Charcoal, Oakdale, Penrose, Bushrock and Opal White.