The Split Face series of wall blocks from Baines Masonry Blocks provides an affordable and durable solution for achieving an attractively textured, stone-like finish on buildings.

Suitable for both residential and commercial buildings, Baines’ Split Face wall block system is a highly flexible and versatile product that can be used in landscape retaining walls, as well as internal or external, loadbearing or non-loadbearing wall applications.

Key features of Baines’ Split Face wall blocks include choice of three different sizes for wall thicknesses of 190mm, 140mm and 90mm; water-repellent admixture added during manufacture for higher quality; and colour palette of eight attractive shades - Appin Stone, Charcoal, Oakdale, Penrose, Bushrock, Opal White, Yellow Rock and Red Rock.

Split Face blocks for retaining walls are also available with cut-outs for horizontal reinforcement rods. These blocks are reinforced and core-filled on-site to the engineer’s specifications.