During the hot days of summer, our outdoor areas become an extension of our indoor spaces. When entertaining is taken outdoors, it’s only natural that we want our yards to be more than just barbecue spots. One way to transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor living space is by installing water features.

Baines Masonry Blocks offers a wide range of water feature products that can elevate your outdoor areas.

Baines Masonry’s water feature collection includes a selection of materials that complement a wide array of design styles and landscapes. Crafted from materials such as copper, natural stone, reconstituted stone, lightweight fibre cement, resin and terrazzo, the collection also includes decorative garden pieces and pots. Since the collection is handmade, these products can be customised to suit specific needs.

The ever-evolving water feature collection from Baines Masonry offers something to suit all budgets. The latest is a copper collection, which includes large handmade copper walls, troughs and outdoor lighting. These products work well with a matching range of contemporary charcoal coloured water features, bowls and pots, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.