The SRW penetrating paver seal from Baines Masonry Blocks protects your pavers from the expected wear and tear, as well as damage from exposure to harsh weather.

A water-based paver seal formulated for both high and low traffic areas of paved surfaces, the SRW penetrating seal provides an invisible and natural look finish to suit any style or colour of pavers.

The SRW penetrating paver seal creates a transparent barrier that prevents damage from salt and acid rain, or chemicals such as pool chemicals, and provides protection from freeze and thaw. The seal prevents colour fade, surface erosion and deep staining, which would otherwise occur in unsealed pavers.

The penetrating seal is a versatile product that can be used for both interior and exterior pavers including concrete, clay and permeable concrete pavers.

The SRW penetrating paver seal simplifies paver maintenance with both sprayers and rollers ideal for most applications. The four-step application process for the SRW sealer saves time and money, making it a good product for both the home DIYer and the professional tradesman.