The Anita's Theatre is filled with ornamental features of fibrous plaster products, theatrical displays and photographs.

The Anita's Theatre has held events from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to promotional shows.

The Anita's Theatre has been under construction for the past two years and has developed into a mass of excitement, dedication and displays amazing theatrical events in the south of Sydney.

Luscious shades of reds and purples mixed with gold and teamed up with art deco mirrors and frames and eccentric European chandeliers gives this building a unique design in this current day of architectural excellence.

Designed and developed by John Comeli, the spectacular theatre was inspired in memory of his late wife Anita. John has put timeless effort and thought into every detail of the theatre and with the help of skilled plaster craftsmen and painters, was able to bring to life his masterpiece.

Bailey Interiors' fibrous plaster products were used in the Anita's Theatre renovation.