Keeping the rustic charm of a heritage building is often sacrificed with the demands of a modern workplace. Faced with a 400sqm 100-year-old heritage, Architect Jose Gutierrez was faced with a number of issues affecting the performance of the space as a functioning workplace for the newly rebranded TRA’s 40 staff.

 The existing space consisted of two hipped roofs to form a central 7m high loft, set between them with exposed timber trusses. Jose Gutierrez and TRA Managing Director Andrew Lewis felt the raw nature and oxidised concrete walls played an important part in telling the history of the building.

 To complement the functionality of the open plan office environment TRA also required a boardroom, a series of smaller meeting rooms and staff break out room. Combined with the 7 metre high ceiling space, exposed wooden beams and concrete walls and polished wooden floors Guiterrez knew noise reverberation would be an issue.

Having teamed up with Autex on his 2014 Interior Award nominated design for Mildred & Co, Guiterrez knew he could turn to Autex to provide a solution that would complement the existing space and heritage but would provide a calm, clear and comfortable work place environment.

The first area of focus was the open plan office, to keep the existing design untouched a subtle hidden acoustic solution was required; introducing GreenStuf® RT a neutral black acoustic blanket. Because of its non-toxic, 100% polyester composition, GreenStuf® RT can be left exposed in the workplace, allowing Gutierrez to fasten it behind vertical raw steel sections. Having a high Noise Coefficient Rating (NRC) of up to 1.00; GreenStuf® RT is a perfect solution to sound absorption in an open plan office environment because of its ability to absorb noise across low, mid and high level tones.

Alongside the open plan office TRA required a number of smaller personal meeting rooms that were designed for meetings for 2-3 people. Because these rooms were smaller and would generally have conversations with only one person talking at once, Autex Cube™ was a suitable solution for the project. In solid panels Cube™ could line the walls all the way to the ceiling and have the structural integrity to create a nice flat smooth finish whilst providing a moderate level of sound absorption suitable for a small space. The colour Falling Water was chosen to provide contrast to the rest of the office but to also match the TRA logo in the board room.

“Stepping into a black void” is the description Architect Jose Guiterrez has used to explain the board room in TRA’s new location. Lined with Black Mirrored walls and polished walls, the TRA boardroom could have become an Acoustic nightmare. Luckily Autex Quietspace® Panel comes in a stylish and complementing smooth black finish. Boasting a high NRC the lightweight acoustic panel was suspended from the ceiling to create an effective acoustic solution. Using the new Horizon suspension system from Autex the lights and other ceiling fixtures were able to be installed in the panels, finishing off the smooth look of the ceiling.

Andrew Lewis, Managing Director from TRA goes onto say: “The space really captures the feel of where we are heading as a business. It sort of represents a new chapter for us. It very effectively encapsulates our desire to create a collaborative, future-focused working environment which captures our underlying values of momentum, clarity, excellence and creativity. Even six weeks in, you can feel the space working its magic, imbuing our work and working style with increased energy and passion. We love it.”

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