AUS produces a comprehensive range of systems for rigid polyurethane for pour, spray, continuous panel and block applications.

These systems have good thermal insulation properties and are used widely in the building, construction, marine buoyancy, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, automotive, insulation and refrigeration industries, to name a few.

The Pour Foam Polyurethane Systems are available from Australian Urethane Systems .

Pour Foam Polyurethane Systems:

  • Machine dispensed and hand-mix types
  • Fire retarded PU, polyisocyanurate [PIR] and special use formulations
  • Density range from 25 to > 900 kg / m³ to suit a wide range of applications


  • Thermal insulation and refrigeration
  • Water heater systems [systems tested to MEPS rating standards]
  • Continuous and discontinuous panel line systems
  • Marine buoyancy
  • Cavity filling of rotary moulded parts
  • Pipe injection and vessel insulation
  • Moulding / structural foam applications
  • Packaging foam