The Staingard 6000 and the Staingard 6072 are the two new polyaspartic finish coats developed by Australian Urethane Systems , designed to provide colour protection like no other product currently on the market. The polyaspartic coatings are waterproof and durable, able to withstand boiling and freezing temperatures and a high volume of foot traffic. Technically, they have a bubble free film surface and controlled cure with non-yellowing gloss retention and low wastage. The Staingard series have a high film build and are flexibly formulated, with a pot life of 5 minutes to 2 hours, and a fast cure 5 to 120 minute hard dry.

The Staingard 6000 has a citrus odour and is environmentally friendly. The waterproof coating is 100% solids by volume, with an aliphatic polyaspartic coat, two component and liquid applied. It has been formulated to be installed in thin film applications. The Staingard 6000 is typically used on concrete, steel, plastic and plywood, in cold storage and food processing environments, industrial warehouses, chemical and fertiliser plants, pipeline barges and off shore oil platforms. This polyaspartic coat is colour stable with high gloss and a high tensile strength, abrasion resistant and UV resistant.

The Staingard 6072 is also an environmentally friendly two component, aliphatic polyaspartic coating, with a citrus odour. It is designed to be installed in thin film applications and is a quick curing topcoat for waterproofing membrane systems. It can be used on concrete, steel, plywood, plastic, cold storage areas, food processing areas, chemical and fertiliser plants, industrial warehouse, and pipeline barges. The Staingard 6072 is abrasion resistant and extremely durable in all weather conditions.