LowE glass is Low Emissivity coated glass. Think of Emissivity of how much heat can go through the glass… if it is a low amount as 'Low Emissivity' states, then there is something special about that glass that stops more amounts of heat going through it, compared to regular float glass. To understand how LowE coated glass works, we must understand the basics of heat transfer…

Heat wants to go from where it is hot to where it is not. When it is hot outside, heat derived from the sun wants to come inside – we call this Heat Gain. When it is cold outside, heat from inside our buildings wants to go out – we call this Heat Loss. Heat will find the path of least resistance to travel from ‘hot to not’ and in a building with brick walls and aluminium windows, the clear glass and the frame material is the path of least resistance as regular clear glass and standard aluminium are both great conductors of heat – meaning heat can pass through them very easily. 

Think of Heat as two main types:

  • Type #1 Heat: heat from the Sun
  • Type #2 Heat: all other type of heat generated from here on Earth


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