Glass is an amazing product that we use in our buildings in various applications. It can be transparent, opaque, tinted, coloured, reflective, strong, safe and coated for enhanced performance. Where would we be without glass? For windows and glass doors it allows us to live and work in buildings with a view and natural light filling our spaces while being solid and protecting us from the outside elements.

It is important to note that when we state ‘Glazing’ we are not talking about the Glass alone. Glazing is the Glass + Frame + Sealants + Hardware as well as any Screens (if used).

The supply chain of glass can be simplified by starting ‘Upstream’ with the raw material glass manufacturer (a Float Plant) and as it travels ‘Downstream’ it gets value added to it at each step; first by a Glass Processor and then by a Window Fabricator until the final product is used (windows and glass doors). 

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