A bricklaying apprenticeship is becoming a popular option for kick starting a career in the construction industry.  

According to Geoff Noble, general manager of the Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) a bricklaying apprenticeship is now widely recognised as a viable stepping stone in the industry providing valuable skills.  

“A qualified bricklayer can go on to be a builder, site supervisor, construction manager as well as to positions in higher management in the industry. Of course many go on to start there own bricklaying contracting business but there are really no boundaries to what a young person can achieve,” Noble says.  

“Through our Step Out programs in schools and pre-apprenticeship training we are finding that bricklaying is attracting young people, with the right attitude, who are determined to succeed with their chosen career path. This has seen a jump in the number of bricklaying apprentices in most states.  

“This is the important time of the year when school leavers are weighing up their career options. For some it will be a university degree if they achieve the necessary results to meet entry criteria.              

“But for many others a trade course is the preferred choice. Good bricklayers are in demand, creating good earning potential. If the qualified bricklayer builds on his or her skills the earning capacity in supervisory/management level positions can be very high.  

“It is also a great way of starting your own bricklaying contracting business,” Noble added.  

The cost of employing an apprentice bricklayer is now subsidised through a national industry subsidy scheme launched last year by the (ABBTF).  

The scheme allows for a subsidy of $6,000, over the term of the apprenticeship, to bricklayers directly employing apprentices, as well as Group Training Companies.    

In addition to the ABBTF’s $6,000 there is Federal Government support of $4,000 as well as a variety of state subsidies which vary from state to state.  

“We are promoting this as $10,000 good reasons to employ and train an apprentice bricklayer. The good news for young people choosing their career is that there will be many more employment opportunities out there.  

“Choosing an apprentice through a Group Training Company may result in higher subsidies”.  

Subsidies listed are based on current information and may vary from State to State.