Austral Masonry introduces the new GB Sandstone Honed range of masonry blocks. Setting a new standard in style, the new range represents classic beauty with soft textures and colours, delivering an innovative, stylish and distinctive look for any modern project. 

GB Sandstone Honed masonry blocks are uniquely produced by exposing the face of blended sands. Thanks to high quality raw materials, the fine surface finish creates a distinctive, natural look that complements both traditional and contemporary architectural styles. The blocks have been honed back to create a smooth finish with a subtle sheen. 

The premium GB Sandstone Honed range combines the colour of natural sandstone and the design flexibility of masonry blocks to deliver the consistency, strength, durability and aesthetics demanded in modern construction. 

Austral Masonry’s GB Sandstone Honed masonry blocks are available in three unique colour blends including Brisbane Blend, Sydney Blend and Endeavor Blend, each designed to easily blend in with other building materials, their subtle hues standing out in any residential or commercial project.

GB Sandstone Honed masonry blocks are available in 200mm and 100mm series, as well as four choices of capping tiles for intricate finishes.

Key advantages of GB Sandstone Honed masonry blocks include high structural strength, resistance to harsh and unrelenting heat conditions, when teamed with passive design principles, and suitability for both residential and commercial projects.  

The masonry also complements other building materials such as timber, roof tiles and paint colours, acting as an inspiring backdrop or an elegant feature. 

Setting a new standard in quality and style for versatile concrete blocks, the Austral Masonry range of coloured, standard and premium masonry blocks can be produced with contemporary colours, textures and appeal by adding oxides and coloured sands to its mix of raw materials.

Austral Masonry uses the latest design and manufacturing techniques to bring a range of premium masonry blocks, pavers and retaining wall systems.

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