Australia’s leading masonry manufacturer Austral Masonry introduces a new GB Stone masonry blocks range featuring a collection of neutral colours with a distinctive finish.

Combining the beauty of natural stone with traditional manmade concrete masonry units to create an easy-to-use and visually attractive walling system, the new GB Stone range brings together a collection of neutral coloured masonry blocks with a distinctive fine honed finish. The honing process reveals the aggregate used in the blocks’ composition, giving them a lustrous finish and shiny appearance where the aggregate is revealed. 

The GB Stone collection offers six different colours including Onyx, Jasper, Pearl, Jade, Granite and Amethyst, and the blocks are available in sizes of 100mm, 200mm and caps.

Commenting on the new range, Michael Monro, Marketing Manager at Austral Masonry in Queensland said they were delighted to be marketing GB Masonry products alongside their own extensive range of roofing, pavers and clay brick products to give customers a wonderful choice of textures, colours and sizes to create beautiful residences and commercial buildings for the future.

The new GB Stone range complements building materials such as timber, roof tiles and exciting paint colours, acting as an inspiring backdrop or as an elegant feature for the home interior or exterior. The masonry blocks are also ideal for new building projects that need to blend into an existing setting.

Specialising in cutting-edge, architecturally designed coloured masonry products, Austral Masonry uses the latest design and manufacturing techniques to bring a range of premium masonry blocks, pavers and retaining wall systems into the market. 

Austral Masonry is part of the Brickworks Building Products group, which also includes famous brands such as Austral Bricks, Auswest Timber, Bristile Roofing and Austral Precast.