Home designers, dare to be bold with Black Angus, the latest addition to the prestigious Bowral Dry Pressed range of bricks and pavers from Austral Bricks .

"Black is such an incredibly versatile colour for architects and designers to work with to create a dramatic visual impact," says Natalie Frendo, NSW Marketing Manager at Austral Bricks.
"Designers love the sleekness and confidence that Black Angus bricks add to a design, not to mention the endless opportunities they open up in terms of colour and material contrasts," she adds.
The Black Angus variety of Bowral Dry Pressed bricks and pavers work effectively with a diverse range of other materials, such as steel and glass, to create a stylish and dramatic effect that will leave a lasting impression.

Intriguing contrasts can also be achieved with Black Angus dry pressed bricks using different colour paints and mortars to create a truly individual design that is subtle yet striking.

"Lighter coloured mortars highlight the smooth surfaces and defined edges of Black Angus bricks, and create an impressive and innovative finish that makes a definite statement," Frendo says.
In the garden, the versatility of Black Angus dry pressed pavers open up an endless range of landscaping ideas for any garden.

"Black Angus pavers are the perfect choice for any type of garden, allowing the colours of your surrounds to shine against a stylish and confident finish," adds Frendo.
The addition of Black Angus bricks and pavers to the Bowral Dry Pressed Range gives home builders and designers an even greater selection of quality products from Austral Bricks, long trusted company by architects and builders in the production of traditional dry pressed bricks.