On Thursday October 29 Austral Bricks unveiled a large tribute to Michael Jackson in Horsley Park, Sydney. The 10m x 10m mural of Michael Jackson was made entirely of Burlesque and Dynasty bricks by J&M Langdon bricklayers over a five day period.

The mural was a special Brick Art tribute to the King of Pop and demonstrates the versatility and contemporary nature of what can be achieved with bricks.

“Austral Bricks is excited about the opportunities that Brick Art can play in the creation of unique and interesting feature murals for architects and designers”, said Brett Ward, Austral Bricks’ Marketing Manager.

Mr Ward added "Michael Jackson was one of the world’s greatest entertainers and on the day he died, my staff - many of whom are avid fans - thought it fitting that he be immortalised in brick".

Mr Ward continued to say that Austral Bricks plans to change the brick face every few months so that it becomes a continually changing work of art for motorists on the M7.

As used in the tribute mural, the Burlesque bricks are available in green, yellow, white, red, blue and black, colours that are not normally associated with bricks. The Dynasty glazed bricks are available in five dynamic colours.

Mr Ward added that the Burlesque and Dynasty coloured bricks were chosen to enable the bricklayers to use the colours to form Michael Jackson’s face and the background. Austral Bricks see the mural as a piece of art work that will inspire architects and designers to create stylish, contemporary feature panels in buildings.