Austral Bricks’  clay brick manufacturing process brings out wonderful colours, surfaces and textures – suitable for interior decoration and colour coordination.

An ordinary room can be transformed into a good-looking new space, with the introduction of a brick feature wall.

Many homeowners believe the living room is where they can express their individuality and impress visitors. A brick feature wall can convey the personality of the room, and its owners, in an individual way.

Playrooms are another important area where brick walls can be used. Because of their durability, brick walls can withstand even tough toddlers and their toys.

According to Eve Castle, QLD Marketing Manager - Austral Bricks, internal brick feature walls have some practical benefits as well.

“Internal brick walls are tough and, unlike other finishes, do not require painting to look good. This coupled with the fact bricks do not mark easily, means minimal maintenance.

“Busy working couples or families who are seeking homes that require little or no maintenance can enjoy more time relaxing and less time cleaning.

“You will use less heating and cooling energy, because of the thermal qualities of brick cutting power bills. And, sound is muted by brick walls providing greater privacy to occupants in the home,” said Eve Castle.

Beautiful interior design effects can be created with brick colours, textures and finishes. They can be rendered or painted and different colour bricks can be used throughout the home to create the desired effect.

“The new Burlesque brick range from Austral Bricks is sure to create a lot of interest.

“As the name suggests this is no ordinary brick selection. New to the market, the range’s original flair is represented in five enticing colours: Lust – a deeply affecting red; Chastise – an exotic jet black; Leer – an upfront white; Envy – a vibrant yellow; and Smitten – an alluring cobalt blue.

“It is a highly desirable and versatile range, ready to entice the imagination to explore its outer limits and create residences with extra style.

“Burlesque allows for a glimpse of colour here, a flash of brilliance there – all coming together in a display of design bravado. This highly glazed range would be particularly effective in terms of interior design as its colours and textures, combined with the glaze, create quite a cutting edge aesthetic.

“For those seeking a more traditional look, the Fresco Sandstone series is a great choice. This provides contrast and texture to walls, allowing you to achieve a premium look on an affordable budget,” said Eve Castle.

A passively designed full brick home, where the external and internal walls are constructed with bricks, will maximise the thermal and sound insulation qualities.

Home owners can vary the effect of the internal brick walls by the use of plasterboard or render over some brick walls.

Austral Bricks display centres are at Rochedale, Riverview, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba Ballina, and Townsville.