Aussie Lockers Pty Ltd introduces the new keyless locker systems suitable for the backpacking and budget hotel industry.

The backpacking and budget hotel industry is currently booming, with the average backpacker spending more per head than ever before. This segment is also constantly seeking new revenue streams. For instance, where free storage used to be the norm at these venues, keyless storage lockers are providing a new source of revenue for operators of these hotel facilities. 

E-Locker systems are leading the way in the keyless lockers segment with installations at four of the biggest backpacker venues in Australia in addition to numerous smaller venues. Installed for free on a commission basis, the E-Lockers feature instructions in eight different languages, online servicing and locker usage reports emailed each month to the venue, and unlimited re-entry back into the locker within the paid period. 

Ranging in size from passport size lockers to lockers that will easily fit any oversized bag, a dual pricing system allow the lockers to be hired for a specific number of hours or days, with the overtime rate allowing the user to hire a locker for a day, return five days later and pay for the extra time accrued, making the whole system autonomous. 

E-Lockers is a subsidiary of Aussie Lockers.