Aussie Lockers Pty Ltd won the tender to install 16 banks totalling 408 lockers at the six campuses of the University of Western Sydney (UWS). 

The lockers are accessed via the student’s card with the locker system being connected to the UWS campus safety and security’s inner range access control system. When a student swipes their card at the magnetic card reader, the swipe card reader sends the card’s PAN number to the UWS database to confirm that the card is permitted access to the locker system. 

The UWS had several requirements for the locker system. For instance, locker bookings needed to be for a maximum of 24 hours with unlimited re-entry to the locker allowed within this period. A student may only book one locker per bank at a time, and would receive an email notifying them if they have overstayed their time. The system also had to provide accessibility to persons with disabilities. 

The UWS tender was won on the basis of value for money, ability to deliver on the requirements, ongoing technical assistance and after sales service provided by Aussie Lockers. 

Aussie Lockers’ locker system being implemented at the UWS can also be used as staff lockers, health club lockers or luggage lockers as well as in any environment that requires safe, secure storage.