The building industry has indeed come a long way with technological innovations and modern equipment resulting in smarter processes, shorter build times and cost optimisation. Modular construction, for instance, is increasingly being accepted as a viable building method that addresses the most common challenges of traditional construction processes without compromising on quality, strength or performance.

The linear framework of the traditional construction industry is not only labour- and cost-intensive but also presents multiple risks in terms of project deliverability, safety, productivity and supply chain efficiencies. Advances in modular construction have led to the introduction of disruptive technologies and practices including offsite prefabrication and lean manufacturing that help overcome all these shortcomings while ensuring quality structures.

With assured advantages such as shorter timeframes, and reduced labour and construction costs, modular construction is evolving into a preferred method of building in commercial and residential projects. Especially so in healthcare developments, which must balance shrinking budgets and green design objectives with the constant demand to deliver new or renovated facilities faster to meet the growing need for patient care. Modular construction is particularly relevant to the healthcare sector due to the need for repeatable units in volume numbers featuring integrated, adaptable and sustainable design, and delivered in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Building professionals who have employed modular construction techniques in their projects have achieved substantial gains. Results from a recent survey of 800 architects, engineers and contracting professionals reveal the significant advantages of modular construction including shorter project schedules (66%); lower budgets (65%); and reduced construction waste (77%).

The many benefits of modular construction for healthcare projects

Reduced construction schedule

Modular construction improves a project’s speed-to-market by synchronising offsite and onsite work. While prefabrication and module assembly are carried out in a controlled offsite environment, onsite work progresses at the same time, helping complete the building 50 per cent faster than traditional construction processes. Modular construction projects can help to remove up to 80 per cent of the building construction activity from the site, minimising the impact of site disruptions and inclement weather, maximising safety and ensuring guaranteed timelines.

Reduced labour and construction costs

With a major segment of modular construction work executed offsite, labour requirement onsite is minimised. This can help the project to achieve substantial cost savings from these shorter build times, less labour costs and minimal waste generation.

Consistency in construction

Manufacturing the modular units and components offsite in a controlled environment ensures a high level of quality as well as consistency in construction to meet performance and compliance requirements unique to the healthcare segment.

Reduced waste generation

Made-to-measure buildings and factory manufactured building components ensure waste generation is minimised on the construction site. Construction and demolition waste from traditional building processes accounts for more than 38 per cent of Australia’s total waste sent to landfill.

Ausco Modular in healthcare projects

Ausco Modular delivered the $2.5 million Ivanhoe HealthOne facility in rural NSW, with sections constructed interstate and transported separately for assembly on site.

Ausco Modular also supplied 26 large modules for the recently completed $23 million redevelopment of Canberra Hospital’s emergency department, with the modules craned into place over the department’s access road.

A market leader in modular and prefabricated buildings in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for over five decades, Ausco Modular delivers full turnkey solutions for the healthcare sector with its 360 Degree Service. This unique turnkey design-and-build service encompasses engineering, compliance, approvals, offsite manufacture, onsite construction, handover and documentation.

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