Ausco Modular designed and installed modular buildings for the $200-million SAHMRI project in Adelaide.

The South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) project was conceptualised to deliver a new research centre and medical school for the University of Adelaide. The project is situated on North Terrace in Adelaide’s CBD, adjacent to the site of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Ausco Modular was contracted to provide the construction site buildings for the SAHMRI project. However, the selected building area was wedged on the corner of the construction site and an intersection, providing inadequate space for the client’s requirements.

Proposing a fit-for-purpose multi-level modular solution, Ausco Modular worked closely with the customer’s project team to ensure the buildings would fit in the available area on and around the client-designed steel gantry. Ausco Modular’s internal design and engineering team helped select a building mix to accommodate a workforce of more than 250 people.

Ausco Modular delivered the challenging project with a very short turnaround as any delay would have dramatically affected the SAHMRI’s fixed construction programme.

Ausco Modular received a commendation from the client for their efforts.

Project Manager Marcus Anderson said Ausco’s input during the design and planning of the new site establishment was invaluable given the complex nature of the project. He added that Ausco’s professional approach was pivotal in ensuring their fixed programme dates were met.

The proven delivery and high level of service on this project have helped Ausco Modular secure the hire and sale works for the Royal Adelaide Hospital situated next door to the SAHMRI building.