Ausco Modular built and installed high quality modular offices to accommodate the construction team during the execution of the $1.4 billion Queensland Children’s Hospital. The installation was completed within a short turnaround time of five weeks with the buildings meeting the Building Code of Australia (BCA) standard while also embracing all the regulations and protocols of a large-scale government project.

Abigroup required these offices for their construction team, to be used over a three- to four-year period during the construction of the government hospital. As an important and large-scale Queensland Government project, Ausco Modular had to adhere to strict workplace health and safety regulations. 

The main building installed by Ausco Modular included a reception area, office space, meeting rooms and a lunchroom. A large open plan area was also included in the design to provide more space for employees, construction drawings and files.

Ausco’s modular offices were set up in a built-up inner-city area, adjacent to private schools, the Mater Children’s Hospital, Mater Private Hospital and a number of businesses.

Working closely with Abigroup, Ausco Modular provided comprehensive site management, developing a traffic management plan to limit disruptions to the neighbouring establishments and to ensure full access to the surrounding sites. The modular buildings were also adapted to allow lifting by a crane for installation four metres above ground onto a raised steel platform.

Ausco’s team worked over two weekends in tough weather conditions to put the gantry in place and install the buildings.

Ausco Modular’s flexibility and focused customer service were integral to meeting the unique requirements of this project.