Atkar Group presents an improved way of installing VoglFuge acoustic plasterboard ceilings.

Most plasterers are only familiar with the traditional method of installing plasterboard acoustic ceilings involving priming, copious amounts of filler and vigorous sanding; the conventional process is extremely time-consuming and messy.

The VoglFuge system is a much more efficient and easier way to install acoustic plasterboard ceilings in your project. Here’s how:

VoglFuge’s joint tape and glue process replaces the messy ‘compound filler on the joints’ method, minimising the mess, sanding and drying time while maximising crack resistance.

Atkar has also introduced a 67mm wide furring channel, eliminating the need for the installer to spend additional time doing double furring channels at the joints. Atkar also recommends using the wider furring channel across the entire ceiling as it helps ensure a more reliable and straight ceiling.

Atkar has put together a short video on ‘Installing VoglFuge’ that will help clear up some of the uncertainties around VoglFuge.

Atkar Group stocks all the standard perforations and the wider furring channel on site.