Atkar has added a new range of organoid decorative coatings for walls and ceilings designed to bring the beauty of nature into the interior space.

Materials in Atkar’s natural and organic decorative coatings look and feel like nature itself. The authentic decorative organoid coatings even smell breathtakingly fresh and natural in various architectural design applications.

Atkar’s organic decorative coatings are ideal for wall and ceiling linings; acoustic panels; curved panels; joinery components; interior flush panel doors; architraves; and skirtings and mouldings.

Atkar’s Organoid Decorative Finishes Range:


RINDÄ – Crushed Bark

ROSCHT – Ground Bark

BAMBOART – Beard Lichen with Bark

BIRKÄ – Birch Leaves

SKELETTBLATTLA – Skeleton Giant Leaves

SUNNABLUMA – Sunflower Seed Husks

MOUS – Green Moss

KORNBLUAMA ROAT – Red Cornflower Blossoms

KORNBLUAMA BLAU – Blue Cornflower Blossoms

RITTRSCHPORN – Purple Larkspur Blossoms

WILDSPITZE ROASA – Alpine Hay with Rose Petals

WILDSPITZE LAWENDL – Alpine Hay with Lavender and Cornflower Blossoms

HONF – Hemp Shives, Fibres and Nut Husks

WOLLÄ – Wool from the Tyrolean Mountain Sheep

LAWENDL – Lavender Stalks and Blossoms

PFEFFARMINZ – Peppermint Stalks

KAKAU – Cocoa Husks

ROASA – Rose Petals and Rosebuds

WANILLÄ – Vanilla Pods

IASMIN – Jasmine Blossoms

Image: SKELETTBLATTLA – Skeleton Giant Leaves