QuickStyle is a cost-effective timber acoustic panel range recently introduced by Atkar Group.

With over 70 years of experience in this domain, Atkar Group has established their leadership in delivering beautiful timber acoustic wall and ceiling panels to the market. The new QuickStyle range allows customers to order the panels online to their specifications and get them delivered in 10 days.

“We realise that every project is different and that our customers are looking for the best acoustic solution that will meet their required budgets and timelines,” states Haydn Grimshaw, business development manager at Atkar Group.

“When developing the QuickStyle range, we wanted a quality made product range that was still high quality, but that we could manufacture more efficiently so they could be delivered faster to our customers.”

Manufactured at Atkar’s head office in Hallam, Victoria, QuickStyle comprises of a select range of standard size acoustic panels and finishes that are ready for delivery in 10 days. The range includes 4 perforated acoustic patterns, 2 slotted acoustic patterns and a solid infill panel that can be used to ensure panels meet the exact size requirements of their wall or ceiling.

“It was important that we offered fire rated options within the range, as this is critical for an increasing number of projects. The range includes options for a BCA Group 2 fire rating for the acoustic panels and Group 1 fire rating for solid panels,” Grimshaw said.

Atkar Group is well known for their ability to fully customise acoustic panels to meet exact project requirements, which requires much more time to manufacture.

“The QuickStyle range, with its standard panel sizes, patterns and colours enables us to manufacture this range of panels in only 10 days, or 15 days if you select the optional panel edging, as our machines are set up for these patterns.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our customers, as it allows us to support even the tightest deadlines,” he added.

Customers can view online the complete QuickStyle range, including the pricing and technical data for every panel variation in the range. Panels can then be added to their cart and purchased online.

“Atkar Group now have an acoustic solution to meet most project requirements. From fully customised solutions through to fast, cost-effective solutions like our QuickStyle range – which we hope makes us the first point of call for our clients when seeking acoustic lining solutions,” Grimshaw concluded.

QuickStyle by Atkar Group timber acoustic panels start at $86 per square metre.