Good ceiling access panels should be difficult to spot, but the bad ones catch everyone’s eye.

Between lighting, vents, alarms, sprinklers and sound systems, ceilings need to be accessible for ongoing maintenance and inspections, making access panels essential to ceiling design. However, these ceiling panels needn’t be ugly and clunky.

That’s why we love Vogl access panels.

Designed to be almost invisible, flawlessly blending with Vogl’s seamless acoustic plasterboard ceilings – VoglFuge, Vogl access hatches match the perforation pattern you have installed on your ceiling. Whether it’s circular, square or slotted perforations, the continuous pattern will give you the seamless look you seek across the ceiling.


Borders can be easily made if desired by using Vogl frieze tape – this can be used to cover the perforations so you can achieve your required look.

Key benefits of Vogl access panels:

  • High quality aluminium frame that’s sturdy and stable
  • Large range of perforated patterns
  • Perforations perfectly line up with the ceiling (no complex panel alignment required!)
  • Easy and convenient opening and closing mechanism
  • Acoustic performance due to factory applied acoustic fleece
  • Secure locking mechanism prevents the panel from dropping accidently while being opened
  • Easy to install 
  • Customisation available
  • Available in 600 x 600 size