There was a time when timber-look finishes were considered inferior to natural timber. Over the years, with improved technology and application techniques, timber-look finishes have become more acceptable to the design world with their ability to deliver a similar warmth and character to spaces.

Inluxe Veneer and Inluxe Image foil finish from Atkar Group are more comparable in appearance than ever before, giving architects and designers a broader range of options to achieve the natural timber look.

Choosing between Atkar’s timber veneer and timber-look finishes would depend on factors such as suitability, project budgets and fire ratings, all of which come into play when designing a space.

Atkar Group’s Inluxe Veneer

Inluxe Veneer is a genuine timber veneer manufactured by applying a thin layer of real timber to an MDF or plywood substrate. Featuring a stunning appearance, Inluxe timber veneer is an excellent decorative finish for walls and ceilings. The factory-applied finish delivers the appearance of real timber, complete with the unique colour and grain irregularities that only genuine wood can provide.

Considered a premium finish, timber veneer can be specified for projects with due consideration to the budget.

Atkar Group’s Inluxe Image Foil Finish

Inluxe Image is a photorealistic thin-film decorative finish that reproduces the visual appearance of natural timber. A more cost-effective finish than Inluxe Veneer, Inluxe Image is manufactured by applying the decorative finish to the visible face and profiled edges of the panel. Advances in technology have allowed Atkar to conceal the distinctiveness of these repetitive patterns, making Inluxe Image an excellent alternative to real timber veneer.

The realistic timber-look panel is ideal for many applications including wall and ceiling linings, perforated and slotted acoustic panels, curved panels, and joinery compounds – without the associated costs of real timber. Inluxe Image is recommended for budget-focused projects with a timber finish brief.

Fire Ratings

Fire ratings (tested to AS5637) can be achieved on many of Atkar’s acoustic panels with both Inluxe Veneer and Inluxe Image when using a fire-rated MDF substrate.