Artilux Australia is proud to introduce the new patented Multi-Lock Retractable Screening system. Ideally suited to bi-fold, stacking and French doors, the unique pin locking system inside the handle enables the screen to be locked at any point along the width of the opening. The Artilux clean lines, small extrusions and wide range of Powdercoat finishes make them so discrete you will not notice they are there. Exclusive to Artilux, the standard and optional Multi-Lock systems span openings up to 6 metres (in a double unit). The soft closing mechanism reduces the speed at which the screen retracts when released, thus making it child friendly and easy to operate. Angled weather pile fitted in the tracks prevents the mesh from blowing out. Available in DIY form they may be fitted by door manufactures builders and handy consumers.

Artilux has a network of resellers Australia wide.