The ARCPANEL Custom Panel was specified for the roof of the new BP Service Centre in Charlton by the architect to provide protection to customers.

Designed by Baldasso Cortese architects and built by FKG Group with TNT Roofing as the roof installer, the new BP Service Centre features the ARCPANEL Custom Panel.

While ARCPANEL was selected for the application as the client particularly liked the look, quality and finish of the product, the thermal comfort enjoyed by customers under the service centre’s insulated panels was another factor.

ARCPANEL roof’s large unsupported spanning capability allows clear passage to vehicles going around the service centre. In the BP Service Centre project, a section of the roof was underpinned and supported from above rather than the traditional roofing method of supporting from underneath, offering improved aesthetics.

For the BP Service Centre project, 500 square metres of 140mm and 200mm ARCPANEL insulated custom panels were installed.

David Sullivan of FKG Group:

“ARCPANEL roof products are cost effective and saved construction time as we could immediately work beneath it eliminating different trades competing for space. The client was very impressed with the end result, particularly the superior aesthetics and finish of the product.”

Tony Klein of TNT Roofing

“The ARCPANEL products are quick and easy to install and the ARCPANEL team are great to work with, providing fantastic service throughout the whole process from ordering to delivery.”