The Aquatek roof system from ARCPANEL was installed at the Brisbane City Council’s Bracken Ridge Aquatic Centre. Aquatek roof panels are recommended for highly corrosive, industrial and aquatic environments.

ARCPANEL’s Aquatek roof was chosen over other alternatives for several reasons. The Aquatek system’s large unsupported spanning capabilities give a much neater finish with a less cluttered look. Additionally, Aquatek is specifically designed to withstand corrosive environments and has zero maintenance requirements. Repainting a conventional roof, for instance, would have required the pool to be drained.

According to Brisbane City Council Architect, Gianna Bruschi, the structure was much simpler to detail and the roof depth easier to control compared to a conventional roof.

Over 1000 square metres of ARCPANEL’s Aquatek insulated roof system were installed for the Bracken Ridge Aquatic Centre project built by Broad Constructions.