ARCPANEL played an important role in the 6 star Green Star rating achieved by the Library at the Dock situated in Docklands Precinct, Melbourne. The $23 million public library building features custom panels from ARCPANEL designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Library at the Dock was built through a tri-partnership agreement between the City of Melbourne, Places Victoria and Lend Lease with concept, detail and interior by Clare Design, and Hayball serving as Architect of Record for the multi-award winning design.

ARCPANEL custom panels with Ultra Finish were installed by roof installer Barden-Steeldeck Industries Pty Ltd. ARCPANEL panels are lightweight, deliver outstanding thermal performance and provide industry-leading spanning capabilities, reducing the need for a supporting structure.

The lightweight nature of ARCPANEL was an important factor since the building was designed to sit on a 75-year-old wharf. The designers were able to minimise structural roof elements by utilising ARCPANEL’s spanning capabilities.

Photography by Dianna Snape and John Gollings