Architect Michael Sheppard worked with fabricators Makeview Windows & Doors to install Elevate systems from Architectural Window Systems (AWS) at a new home in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria. The glazed doors and windows from AWS are designed to withstand high winds while offering great views of the surrounding bushland.

Vineyard House was a working vineyard for more than a decade, and was built on a 12ha property in Kangaroo Ground that was completely covered in vines before the project commenced. Michael Sheppard of Sheppard & Dwyer Architects took an unencumbered approach to architecture, designing along the contours of the land.

The main roof is in the shape of a gum leaf while the interior design features elements from the former vineyard such as statement light fittings resembling a bunch of grapes. To meet the client’s brief for improved energy efficiency, extensive double glazing was applied to the home through curved panels and windows with extended eaves added to those on the north side.

To address the owners’ concerns about the home being in an exposed location, it was important for the design to withstand very high winds with the possibility of sub-cyclonic conditions. The architect chose AWS’ Series 424 commercial framing since it had a reinforced tall glazing bead at the sill to tolerate high wind loads. Along with cyclone, BAL-40, AS2047 and acoustics certifications, the frame also offers a high water resistance of 600Pa.

Designed as the perfect retirement retreat with views of Kinglake National Park and Yarra Valley, the Vineyard House demonstrates how the environmental surroundings and history of an area can completely influence the design of a home. Michael Sheppard worked with Makeview Windows & Doors to install a sliding door onto the deck and fit fixed glass to maximise the views.

Image: Photographer - Robert Hammer