ThermaHEART thermally broken window and door systems from Architectural Window Systems were specified for a new home in Banks Street to help maintain a comfortable living space for its residents.

Designed by Collins Caddaye Architects and built by Full Circle Constructions, the Banks Street residence is a contemporary home understated in expression, with seamless connection between its internal and external environments.

Living comfort was a major consideration in the design of this unique home arranged in a U-shaped configuration. The architects specified ThermaHEART thermally broken window and door systems throughout the construction, allowing large expanses of glass and bold wide openings without compromising on energy efficiency. Centor retractable screens ensured a seamless transition to the exterior spaces.

The architecture incorporates sustainable materials as building expression, including the broad use of concrete as finished surfaces, the retention of timber floor boards from the demolished house to create the battened ceiling of the entry walkway, and thermally broken double glazing.

Image: The Banks Street home (Photographer: Chalk Studio)