Doors and windows from Architectural Window Systems were specified for the Ramp House, a stunning architectural masterpiece located in the rural paradise of Warragul in Victoria. Designed by architect Will Corner of Architects Corner, the house is situated amidst rolling hills in the centre of Victoria’s West Gippsland district.

Since the property was adjacent to an equestrian facility, the clients were keen to protect their privacy and didn’t want people looking in through their front windows. The house was designed to block off on the South face. According to architect Will Corner, the ramp was brought up during the initial design stage and in conversations with the clients. The ramp design sought to replicate inside the house what was happening outside. The long axis of the house suited the undulating surface of the property, falling away from one end to the other. The architects wanted to replicate that inside so that it felt like one was walking down the hill to get to the lower floor.

Though the architects suggested standard size glazing for the large window pane at the end of the ramp, the client wanted it as one single pane, which was custom fabricated and delivered by AWS. The single pane window offers clear views of the tree lines, which continue along the curve of the house. Will said the placement of windows was quite critical since the clients wanted to appreciate the views at all times of the day and from all spaces in the house. For instance, the East side of the house has the master bedroom with sliding doors allowing the residents to walk out onto a terrace and enjoy the views any time.

As one walks through the house towards the living and study areas on the West side, the land falls away, transforming the area into a first floor without having to go up or down the stairs. The architects considered the impact of the North-West facing sun and created a cantilevered balcony and a cantilevered rooftop. Large sliding doors open right up to enable a real connection with the outdoors and the surrounding lake and tree line.

Image: Ramp House - Fabricator AWS; Architect: Will Corner, Architects Corner; Photographer: Nic Granleese & SRH Communications