Australia’s largest range of BAL-40 bushfire rated windows and doors just got bigger with the addition of newly tested and certified products to the collection.

Architectural Window Systems (AWS) began a massive exercise last year to get their products to undergo BAL-40 bushfire testing work in order to significantly increase their BAL-40 bushfire tested and certified aluminium windows and doors offering.

Following the successful testing and certifications, AWS announces that they have increased their BAL-40 bushfire rated window and door offering by 33 per cent. The newly expanded collection, which includes new double-hung windows as well as a broader sliding and bi-fold door range, will allow more flexibility and choice when specifying AWS products for bushfire zones.

Living in bushfire prone areas shouldn’t mean losing out on the view. AWS’ window and door products can withstand the harsh requirements of a BAL-40 bushfire zone without compromising on size. The recent testing allows AWS to offer larger glass panel sizes as part of their offering.

The AWS range 

  • For single glazed window and door products, the maximum allowable glass area has increased from 2.90m² to 4.50m²;
  • When using single glazing above 2.90m² through to 4.50m², a minimum 8mm toughened glass is required for compliance; 
  • For double glazed window and door products, the maximum allowable glass area has increased from 2.94m² to 4.50m²;
  • When using double glazing above 2.94m² through to 4.50m², a minimum 6mm tough/ 8mm air/ 6mm tough combination must be used for compliance.

Following up on customer requests to include laminated glass in their double glazed panel testing for achieving acoustic performance in applications requiring BAL-40 certification, AWS has successfully tested a 20.38mm IGU (6mm toughened, 8mm air, 6.38mm laminated glass).

The following products have been added to the AWS BAL-40 bushfire rated windows and doors product list:

  • Series 514 Residential Double-hung Window
  • Series 613 Designer Double-hung Window
  • Series 453 Commercial Double-hung Window
  • Series 463 Architectural Double-hung Window
  • Series 442 Commercial D’Stacker Sliding Door
  • Series 642 Commercial D’Stacker Sliding Door
  • Series 704B Bottom Rolling SlideMASTER Sliding Door
  • Series 704T Top Hung SlideMASTER Sliding Door
  • Series 704R Recessed Bottom Rail SlideMASTER Sliding Door
  • Series 411 Top Hung Bi-fold Door
  • Series 412 Bottom Rolling Bi-fold Door

AWS ensures that their products are manufactured in accordance with strict technical guidelines. If required, test reports or certification ensuring product compliance are available on request.