Windows and doors from the Elevate Aluminium range by Architectural Window Systems were installed in a new eco home to meet the owners’ sustainable design objectives.

The owners of the 120-acre Yallingup property comprising of a young, growing family with toddlers and primary school aged children, commissioned Stuart Threadgold Architecture to design an energy-efficient eco home. A key objective of the project was to design a home that embodied their ideals of living sustainably and off-grid. To this end, the home needed to be completely power self-sufficient and incorporate passive solar design principles to reduce overall energy consumption.

Designed by Stuart Threadgold of Stuart Threadgold Architecture, the home’s south west architecture optimises sustainable design principles by being sited at elevation to take advantage of views and cooling breezes. Passive solar design is achieved through north facing glazing covering a large area. 

During the warmer south west days, the glass louvres to the underside of the roof eaves on the northern elevation are opened to generate cross ventilation and cool the kitchen and living areas. During the colder days of a south west winter, the operable windows and louvres are closed to enjoy direct sunlight across 85 per cent of the living floor space.

The home features a selection of aluminium windows and doors from the Elevate Aluminium range. Elevate Series 704 SlideMASTER doors were used to create bold wide openings, while Series 411 FoldMASTER bi-fold doors were used to create a classic alfresco style. Aluminium awning and double hung windows maximise airflow and ventilation throughout the home.

Image: AWS’ Elevate Aluminium range of commercial windows and doors at the Yallingup home (Photographer: Olivier Marill Photography)